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Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Builders in Sanilac St. clair County michigan-
Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Builders in Sanilac St. clair County michigan-
has more than
20 years of experience providing a variety of home improvement services

Kettlewell Construction can help you Design that new Bathroom that you have always wanted. From start to finish, we have the builders, tilers, access to fixtures. Maybe you want to go all out with a Jacuzzi, Shower Stall and a separate Bath. Or would you want the Bathroom setup for 2, with indiviual sinks and mirrors. Whatever you vision might be, Kettlewell Construction is here to design and build you that new Bathroom. Give Us a call at (810) 679-4751
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Bathroom remodeling
Bathroom remodeling
Bathroom remodeling
Bathroom remodeling
Bathroom remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Kettlewell Construction Builders in Sanilac St. clair County michigan
Tub and Shower Surrounds
• Prefabricated surrounds. Various manufacturers offer prefab surrounds made of fiberglass,    acrylic, vinyl, plastic laminate, or synthetic stone. When remodeling, avoid buying a one-piece    surround (typically made of molded fiberglass) unless you choose a unit that can be transported    into the bathroom through available openings. Multipiece surround kits, which can be assembled    inside the bathroom, are a better option for existing homes.

• Solid-surface materials. Nothing beats this smooth acrylic surface for ease in cleaning, and the    material lasts a lifetime. Solid-surface tub and shower kits offer easy installation. These kits    generally consist of precut panels and curved corner moldings. They are designed to go with    standard fixtures; nonstandard installations require professional help.

• Ceramic tile is waterproof, durable, and easy to maintain. One drawback: The grout can mildew,    making it difficult to clean. Small mosaic tiles (which measure about 1 inch square) come bonded to    sheets of 1x1-foot or 1x2-foot fiber mesh. These sheets go up faster than loose tiles, because    you don't have to set each piece individually. Pregrouted sheets of 4-inch-square tiles have    flexible synthetic grouting. You stick the sheets to the substrate surface first, then apply a thin    bead of caulk around the edges.

• Fiberglass is waterproof, durable, and simple to clean. Many companies manufacture three- and    five-piece shower/tub surround units in various sizes. Installing these units isn't difficult if your    walls are straight and plumb and have been properly prepared. Most kits consist of two molded    end panels and one or more center panels.
Bathroom Flooring

When choosing the material for the floor of your bathroom, avoid anything that becomes slippery when wet. Keep an eye on costs: Finish materials demand a major portion of the budget of a bathroom remodeling project.

• Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain and will last at least 20 years.
• Marble on the floor is also easy to maintain and will last a lifetime.
• Tile, if installed properly, will also last a lifetime and is easy to clean.
• Laminate flooring will last at least a decade and requires only a bit more maintenance than vinyl.
• Hardwood (oak or pine) floors are beautiful, warm underfoot, and will last a lifetime in any room,    including the bath. But wood isn't a good choice for a high-humidity bathroom unless you're willing to    commit to regular upkeep and occasional repairs or replacement of certain areas.
• Carpet lasts 11 years or so and is warm to the touch, but moisture and carpeting aren't a great    combination. Also, carpet requires a lot of upkeep to maintain its looks and nap in a high-traffic area        such as a bathroom. Washable throw rugs (with nonskid backing) are a better solution.

Counter Tops
• Plastic laminate is the most widely used bathroom counter material. It's available in many colors,       patterns, and textures. On the downside, laminate can burn, wear thin, and dull over time. Hard blows    can chip or dent it, and there's no remedy short of replacement.

• Ceramic tile is available in many colors, designs, and finishes. Grout lines that trap dirt and attract    mildew can be troublesome, but new grouts and sealers help alleviate these problems. Getting      professional results with tile is a challenge for do-it-yourselfers.

• Solid-surface countertops offer many of the advantages of stone with few of the drawbacks. Cast     from acrylic resin, this surface requires little maintenance and is extremely durable. Solid-surface    material is available in white, beige, pastels, and imitation stone.

• Marble and granite are unrivalled for their beauty, but marble stains easily and granite can be stained    by greasy products, such as makeup.
   Cultured marble consists of chips of natural marble embedded in plastic. It's easy to clean but must be    well cared for. Once scratched, it cannot be resurfaced.

• Wood is an attractive, versatile, and easy-to-install surface. It is also extremely vulnerable to water    damage, and its porosity makes it hard to keep clean. All wood must be well sealed with polyurethane    or marine varnish for bathroom use. Special care should be taken to seal around the edges of plumbing    fixtures so standing water can't seep in and cause wood rot.
Bathroom Cabinets
Laminates are made of three resin-saturated layers: a base layer of paper, a printed and colored layer, and a protective transparent layer. Heat and pressure fuse a laminate to a substrate, which may be particleboard, medium-density fiberboard, or plywood. The weight of the substrate makes laminate cabinets heavier than those made of wood.
Laminate is used to cover exterior cabinetry surfaces, the fronts and backs of doors, and some interior surfaces. High-pressure laminates are difficult to damage, giving vertical surfaces the same durability as countertops. Low-pressure laminates, also called melamine, are less impact-resistant than high-pressure laminates and have a tendency to crack and chip. The use of better substrates reduces these problems. Some laminates mimic the look of wood.

Solid wood warps easily as its moisture content changes. That's why it's not the best choice for a bathroom unless you've got really good ventilation. If you must have it, the wood should be finished on all sides before it leaves the factory, or finished on site as soon as possible. Paint or stain are both options for finishing wood cabinets.

Veneered cabinets have a thin layer of wood applied over a substrate. They are more stable than solid lumber in high-humidity areas.
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