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Metal Roofing ContractorS

Our Metal Roofs:Steel Standing Seam Metal Roof Installed in Macomb county

We install sustainable metal roofing systems for residential homes and commercial projects in Sanilac, St. Clair, Lapeer, Macomb, and Oakland Counties. We offer interlocking aluminum roofing systems, steel shingle, standing seam, and Clip-Lok metal roofing systems for residential homes, restaurants, new construction homes, churches, green building projects. The metal roofs we install are considered green roofing products, they reflect solar radiant heat, reduce your cooling costs and are fully recyclable.

Mission Statement:

Steel Metal Roofing Contractor, Steel Metal Roof Installer for Sanilac St. ClairWe strive to provide southeast Michigan homeowners and businesses with highest quality metal roofing installations. We provide great service at reasonable prices, free roofing estimates, and an unmatched warranty. When we work on your roof, we will treat your home with dignity, respect, and attention to detail. "We will do it right the first time."

Craftsmanship:Standing Seam Metal Roofing Contractor, Steel Metal Roof Installer for Lapeer Sanilac St. Clair County

The word almost seems forgotten in today’s construction practices. Many contractors will "meet any price" but at what cost to you? We will only install your metal roofing system using professional practices that insure your new metal roof will stay trouble free for the lifetime of your metal roofing product.


Steel Metal shingle Roofing Contractor | Steel Shingle Metal Roof Installer for Sanilac St. ClairWe install only concealed fastener metal roofing systems. We"Hem" all valleys and eaves. We will never attempt to sell you "Barn Steel" for roof of your home. Exposed rubber washered fasteners will fail long before your metal roofs expected lifetime. We will not install metal roofing over existing shingles. "Why Not?"

Installing a 50 year Roofing product with 15 Year Installation practices will cost you much more in repairs, replacement, and water damage to your home, then the initial difference between a" Professional Installation" labor price, and those who will screw your roof down and be gone in a day or two. Click Here for a list of questions that you should ask potential roofing contractors.

Building licenses and worker's compensation:

We are a fully licensed and insured building contractor. Our roofing installers are protected by worker's compensation insurance that meets and exceeds Michigans state requirements.

Our Service:

Steel Roofing installer installedSteel Metal Roof for Lexington lakepot ft gratiot port sanilacWe provide metal roofing installation services to homeowners and businesses in southeast Michigan. We offer a wide selection of metal roofing profiles including aluminum shingles, galvalume steel roofing panels, standing seam, and stone coated tiles. Our systems are available in aluminum, galvalume, and stone coated Steel. Call today to request a free on-site roof consultation, and obtain detailed written roofing estimate.


We pride ourselves on customer service, and we welcome your thoughts, suggestions and concerns during your building experience. We hope to have the opportunity to install your next metal roof project! Please visit our online metal roofing contact page for more information on how to reach us.

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